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Maine Tourism Association

Vs. The Maine Office of Tourism

Ever wondered who's who in Maine's Tourism Industry? It's a very common question and we're here to answer it!


Maine Tourism Association

Mission: "Leading the growth and sustainability of Maine's tourism businesses"

  • Largest tourism membership organization in Maine
  • Advocates & promotes tourism interest & marketing funding
  • Produces Official Travel fulfillment publications including Maine Invites You and the Official State Highway Map
  • Operates and manages, on behalf of the state, the 7 State Visitor Information Centers including brochure distribution and other marketing opportunities within the visitor centers
  • Produces the Attractions & Service Map
  • Answers visitor inquiries via the official state information phone number and email
  • Originally established as the Maine Publicity Bureau in 1922
  • Maintains which includes:
    • Member listings
    • Direct lodging & activities booking with rates & availability
    • Events
    • Coupons & deals

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The Maine Office of Tourism

Mission: "Become the premier four-season destination in New England"

  • A state office under the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development
  • Markets and brands Maine as a destination domestically and internationally
  • Responsible for attracting visitors to Maine through print, TV and digital production
  • Maine Film Office & CruiseMaine operate under the Maine Office of Tourism
  • Maintains for consumer facing travel information
  • Maintains for tourism industry related programs, services, and research
  • Attends domestic and international travel & trade shows
  • Administers the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Grant Program
  • Works in collaboration with the Maine Motorcoach Network and the Maine Sports Commission
  • Works with organized community-led groups on rural Destination Development
  • Offers technical assistance for tourism product development
  • Offers technical assistance to arts & culture organizations on specific tourism efforts
  • Conducts statewide travel and tourism research
  • Manages statewide media & press communications

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