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Tourism Trailblazers: Charting the Industry's Future Webinar Series


The Maine Tourism Association has launched a new monthly webinar series for our member-partners called Tourism Trailblazers: Charting the Industry's Future. We will be covering topics ranging from marketing to HR to workforce and legislative affairs. See below for the upcoming webinar schedule and recordings of past webinars. 



March Topic: Maine's Paid Family & Medical Leave Program

Description: Join us for a free webinar to learn more about Maine's new Paid Family & Medical Leave law. This is a complex program that will impact employers and employees; and there are many questions left unanswered by the law itself. 

Rulemaking for PFML begins this spring and payroll contributions begin January 1, 2025. Benefits will begin May 1, 2026, when eligible workers in the private and public sector will have 12 weeks of paid time off available to them for family or medical reasons including illness, to care for a relative, or for the birth of a child. 

Join MTA and Anne-Marie Storey of Rudman Winchell to learn more about this program and share your questions and concerns with MTA!

Date: Tuesday, March 12th

Time: 10AM - 11AM

Cost: Free for all MTA members

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February 13, 2024: Perspectives and Strategies for Pricing with Trish Higgins

January 7, 2024: Threat Assessment Training by Dirigo Risk Management Solutions

November 7, 2023: ChatGPT for Beginners with Cary Weston

October 10, 2023: Internships 101: A Blueprint for Employer-Student Partnerships in Tourism and Hospitality

September 12, 2023: Quickstart Marketing Plan with Elizabeth Sutherland of Sutherland Weston