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Tourism Trailblazers: Charting the Industry's Future Webinar Series


The Maine Tourism Association has launched a new monthly webinar series for our member-partners called Tourism Trailblazers: Charting the Industry's Future. We will be covering topics ranging from marketing to HR to workforce and legislative affairs. See below for the upcoming webinar schedule and recordings of past webinars. 




October 10, 2023 at 10AM:

Topic: Internships 101: A Blueprint for Employer-Student Partnerships in Tourism and Hospitality

Description: During this webinar, we will investigate the essential steps involved in launching an internship program within a business and the compelling reasons why employers might choose to engage high school and college students in career exploration. We'll identify the types of businesses that would benefit most from such a program, as well as those for which it may not be suitable. Additionally, we'll showcase real-life success stories of internship programs and illustrate the concrete advantages they have delivered to the organizations that have embraced them.

Guest Speakers: Kathryn Ference, Director of Workforce Development and Caroline Ridout, Workforce Development Specialist

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November 7, 2023 at 10AM:

Topic: Chat GPT with Cary Weston

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Quickstart Marketing Plan with Elizabeth Sutherland of Sutherland Weston on September 12, 2023