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Legislative Advocacy

Maine Tourism Association Legislative Information

Government affairs and effective legislative advocacy are key benefits to members. Laws and regulations affect you and your business every day so it is critically important that you have someone representing your interests to state officials in Augusta. That is why MTA has a committed public policy, advocacy, and communications program.

Examples of the work done in this area include:

  • Promoting fair and stable business, labor and tax policies; and fighting against burdensome regulations and tax increases

  • Protecting the state’s tourism budget

  • Providing strategic public relations and communications to raise the profile of the tourism industry with the media, government officials, communities and the public through news articles, press releases, events and other communications

  • Analyzing over 2000 bills per session to track and monitor those that would impact our members and our industry Participating in legislative hearings to influence outcomes and shape public policy

  • Maintaining relationships with legislators and other government officials and effectively communicating the goals and strategies set forth by the association

  • Connecting members with their legislators

  • Participating in coalitions to further the public policy goals of MTA Issuing action alerts for members on critical issues which provide time-sensitive information and stimulating grassroots activities

  • Emailing a weekly public affairs update in MTA’s newsletter, The Insider Maintaining a listing of bills pertinent to the tourism industry on website, including summaries and outcomes

  • The staff at MTA has over 50 years of combined tourism experience and a Director of Government Affairs with 20 years of legislative and advocacy experience. They work with MTA board members, including a public affairs advisory group, to determine our positions on issues and the most constructive actions to effect successful outcomes.

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