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Where can I find a Hiking Guide in Maine?

Maine is a hiker's paradise with trails that meander through picturesque pine forests, scale glaciated peaks, and hug rugged coastlines. Maine is 90 percent forest, with a coastline that, if…

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The Ultimate Guide to Leaf Peeping in Maine

As autumn approaches, Maine becomes a playground of colors, offering an idyllic setting for leaf peepers. The trees' foliage transforms into vibrant shades of red and orange, and the air becomes crisp…

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Seven Must-See Lighthouses in Maine

In the beautiful state of Maine, lighthouses are iconic coastal landmarks. The lighthouses of Maine are an ideal destination for history buffs, nature lovers, and nautical enthusiasts due to their…

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Acadia National Park

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK Acadia is an undisputed jewel of the national park system. It’s why many visitors come to Maine from all over the world in the first place. This 47,000-acre shining gem was the…

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Top 10 Maine Travel Questions

WHERE ARE THE BEST PLACES TO SEE A MOOSE? Maine's moose population is around 75,000- the largest concentration in the country next to Alaska! Moose are plentiful in the western Maine Lakes and…

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