Appalachian Trail in Maine

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, otherwise referred to as Appalachian Trail or simply, A.T., is a marked hiking trail that spans 14 states, from Georgia to Maine. Maine is the A.T.’s most challenging, rugged and remote state, and it has the wildest feel of any area of the Trail even for the most seasoned hiker. Despite its difficulty, you can experience the best wildlife of the whole trail. Hikers can see moose, loons, black bears, deer and many beautiful lakes through their 281 miles of hiking in the state. The Western section of the A.T., Mahoosuc Notch, has a mile of boulders which hikers commonly refer to as the hardest mile of the Trail.

The Hundred Mile Wilderness

The eastern section of the Appalachian Trail, from Monson to the northern terminus at Mt. Katahdin, is referred to as The Hundred Mile Wilderness. This section of the A.T. runs between Abol Bridge just south of Baxter State Park and Monson. It is considered the widest section of the A.T. and one of the most challenging to navigate and traverse. Although many put “Hike the Appalachian Trail” on their Bucket List, the 100-Mile Wilderness alone is a big bucket list check and you can experience it all in Maine.

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park is home to Mt. Katahdin, the final stretch (or beginning, depending on where you start your adventure) of the Trail. Its rules and regulations differ from elsewhere on the A.T. in Maine. So when you are there, be sure to hike in groups of 12 or less, remembering that the solitude of the A.T. is one of the most special moments of this hike.

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