HALLOWELL – Last week the Maine Tourism Association called on Governor Mills to lift  travel restrictions on visitors from the North Pole to ensure that Santa Claus will be able to visit Maine this Christmas.

“With all of the COVID-related changes to travel that are in the news, we’ve heard that many children are concerned about Santa Claus not being able to come to Maine this Christmas,” said Tony Cameron, CEO of the Maine Tourism Association.

“We asked Governor Mills to lift all travel restrictions on visitors from the North Pole at Christmas. Children have had Halloween cancelled or severely modified. Many families with Thanksgiving traditions of traveling out of state or hosting large gathering at home had those traditions altered this year. We wanted to ensure that despite all the changes, Santa won’t have to change his plans and he is safe to visit Maine.

“We thank Governor Mills for confirming Santa’s immunity, and exempting him (and his reindeer) from Maine’s COVID travel restrictions,” Cameron stated.

On December 23, Governor Mills issued an official Proclamation Exempting Santa Claus From Maine’s COVID Travel Restrictions.

The Maine Tourism Association is the state’s largest tourism association and was incorporated in 1922. MTA represents members statewide that provide traditional tourism interests such as lodging, restaurants, camps and campgrounds, retail, tours and guides, and cultural and heritage attractions. MTA also operates the seven State Visitor Information Centers and produces the state’s official travel planner, Maine Invites You.