LD 1757 An Act To Protect Maine's Economy By Slowing the Rate at Which the State's Minimum Wage Will Increase and Establish a Training and Youth Wage, Rep. Stetkis (R-Canaan)

MTA supported the amendment to this bill which would have reduced the amount by which the minimum hourly wage rates increase, keeping it at $10 per hour until 2020 then increasing it by 50 cents per year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2023. Beginning in 2024, it would increase by the cost of living adjustment. The committee amendment also created a “youth wage” for unemancipated minors under 18 years of age for the first 200 work hours of employment. This wage was required to be at least the minimum wage required by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act or 80% of the generally applicable minimum wage under state law, whichever is greater. This bill was killed in the House.