Maine Windjammer Cruises

There's no better way to experience the coast of Maine than on a windjammer. Sailing the rocky coast of Maine like generations of Mainers have done will create vacation memories you'll never forget. No matter where you on the coast of Maine there's a windjammer not far away. 

Boothbay Harbor kicks off summer each year with its Windjammer Days festival. Held annually in the last week of June, the festival draws Windjammers from all over New England for a parade of ships, antique boat parade, and blessing of the fleet. There’s a giant tug of war, a pirate ship, fireworks, and a mock British invasion attack on Boothbay Harbor.

At the end of the summer, over Labor Day Weekend, Camden (called the “Windjammer Capital of the World”) hosts its own Windjammer festival. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, the weekend kicks off with fireworks over the harbor, where dozens of the tall, traditional ships have gathered. There’s a pancake breakfast, a lobster trap race (“Volunteers are there to help those who slip and fall in the brine,” the schedule reads), and a boat parade. For the very brave, there’s a fish toss relay — full foul weather gear is provided to participants.


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