Historic Forts in Maine

The state of Maine has a number of bold historic forts lining its coast. Dating back to World War I and World War II, and even the Civil War and Colonial days, these forts each have their own unique story. Crumbling granite walls and weathered wooden structures still stand, watching over the harbors or ports they once protected. 

Experience Maine’s colonial history at Old Fort Western in Augusta, built in 1754. This living museum and National Historic Landmark is America's oldest wooden French & Indian War era garrison in North America dedicated to preserving and protecting 300 years of Maine and New England History. Located on the west bank of the Penobscot River in Prospect, Maine, in an area known as the Penobscot Narrows, Fort Knox is one of the best-preserved fortifications on the New England seacoast. A one minute ride on the fastest elevator in Maine will take you to the top of the tallest public bridge-observatory in the world. Built in the 1860s, Fort Popham is located at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Phippsburg, ME. Its primary purpose was to protect the shipyards in Bath, ME and approaches to the Kennebec River, A granite fort, it was used during the Spanish American War, and World War I.

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