Maine Tourism Association Launches “I Am Maine Tourism” Campaign To Change Perceptions About the Industry

HALLOWELL – The Maine Tourism Association (MTA) has released six videos in its 2018 version of the “I Am Maine Tourism” series. There are six 30-second spots each highlighting a different type of tourism job, from hotel management to chef to guide services to education, plus a three-minute compilation video.

“There are misconceptions about what tourism jobs are. Some view tourism jobs as only low-paying, seasonal or part-time jobs. That perception is wrong and we are working to change that,” said Chris Fogg, CEO of the Maine Tourism Association. “Tourism offers highly-skilled, professional careers plus provides flexible and seasonal opportunities for those who do not want to work full-time, such as retirees and students. We are Maine’s largest industry and our workers deserve the greatest respect for that.”

Fogg continued, “In tourism, you can work at a desk or in the woods, at a beach or in the mountains. You can start at an entry-level job and work your way up or you can earn a college degree and enter a specific field. The possibilities are endless and, most importantly, you can do all of this here in Maine.”

According to a U.S. Travel Association report, nearly 40 percent of workers whose first job was in the travel industry reached an annual career salary of more than $100,000 and one-third of Americans who started in travel achieved a bachelor’s degree. Tourism supports nearly 107,000 jobs in Maine. Household income generated through jobs supported by tourism was over $2.5 billion. Total taxes generated from tourism was nearly $600 million. (Maine Office of Tourism, 2017)

The videos include:

1. A Maine Guide who can earn a living by sharing his love of the outdoors with others;

2. A young woman who gets “to do a job that I love in the place that I love,” working as a chef;

3. A man who retired from banking but wants to “stay in the game” and rejoined the workforce as a waiter;

4. A university professor of tourism and hospitality who teaches his students that tourism doesn’t just provide jobs—it provides careers;

5. A woman who began her career as a waitress as a teenager and now owns the large resort; and

6. A man who began his career as a hotel desk clerk and rose to be a hotel manager.

The Maine Tourism Association represents over 1,500 members from a full range of tourism businesses including restaurants, lodging establishments, camps and campgrounds, retail, amusements, and guides and other services.

The videos are available on MTA’s social media and website at: