The purpose of this bill is to clarify the laws governing the employment of minors and to conform the State’s laws to federal law, thus expanding work opportunities for minors. Highlights of LD 1420 are listed below.

1. It clarifies that minors who are younger than 14 years of age may be employed only in the planting, cultivating or harvesting of field crops, or other agricultural employment that does not place them in direct contact with hazardous machinery or hazardous substances.

2. It conforms to federal law the hours that minors who are 16 and 17 years of age may work, by extending the permissible time until which such a minor may work on a day preceding a school day.

3. It eliminates the prohibition on minors under 16 years of age working more than 6 consecutive days.

MTA Position: Supports

Status: ONTP (LD 1564 will be used as vehicle)