You & Your Aura


Every living thing has an aura. This is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. Discover how your personal aura colors are influencing your life, and what they reveal about your personality, life purpose, love & relationships, career, health, money and more.

Each color signifies a certain vibration which is interpreted into different meanings. During this class you will discover the different meanings of the vibrational colors and what certain personalities correlate with each color. We will also discuss some ways to help keep your aura vibrant and balanced.

Learning how to interpret the colors of your aura can help you gain a deeper insight into your individual emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state. You’re carrying the key to your fulfillment in your own aura. Learn how your colors can help you live your greatest potential and your happiest life.

In this class we will take a photo of your aura and describe some of the personalities, abilities, and obstacles of the colors presented.


You & Your Aura