Who Was I v Who Am I Today


Past Life Retrieval with a difference!
It is well known that our Past Life has an impact on how this Present Life IS PLAYING OUT! It is also well known how our Past Incarnations effect how we attract or reject Love and Abundance into our present-day life! Therefore, it is a forgone conclusion that our Past Lives influence how we interact with people, geographical places, artefacts and mush more.

If this is true, it is IMPORTANT that we understand our memory is also eternal. Therefore, another forgone conclusion would be to think that these memories of our past incarnation can be suppressed (Passive) or active within our present day subconscious. These active Past Life memories are constantly COMMUNICATING positive and negative inner dialog, which our EGO reacts to daily. The big question is: do you know which of your negative traits are being influenced from a previous life’s negative inner dialogue. The next question is. Are you actively encouraging or discouraging self on many dimensional levels?

This workshop will fascinate and enlighten you. Come and experience for yourself full Past Life journey and analysis with one of the Leading Experts in the field of Past Life Retrieval and Expert in the field of Past Life Surrogacy, Joanfrances Boyle.


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Who Was I v Who Am I Today