Week Eight Preview

This week features Bobby Kitsios.

This Weeks events

** Establishing the Communicator
** Establishing the Soul Connection
** Cabinet Use & You
** The Complete Contact

10:00-4:00PM Private Readings with Bobby Kitsios

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$75 for 30 minute readings

Rev. Bobby Kitsios is our guest speaker and medium today. Bobby Kitsios is an Ordained Minister through the Journey Within Spiritualist Church. He has an innate desire to help people and be of service, which led him to a path of the soul and spirit. He has studied the psychic arts and mediumship for over five years with some of the best tutors in the world and has frequented the Lilydale Assembly and Arthur Findley College of Mediumship in England. He uses these gifts to help people often times through the hardest and darkest parts of their life. Bobby works with the spirit world as a channel and aims to communicate with your loved ones and friends who have passed to the spirit world, bringing evidence of survival after the change called death as well as memories and messages of love, support and upliftment. As a psychic Bobby is able to tap into your life’s path and offer information about your situation and issues you are currently facing. He currently has clients throughout North America, demonstrates publicly and teaches throughout the tristate area and serves Spiritualist Churches and Camps. Bobby has worked with charities as a Psychic Medium and has conducted a number of fundraisers. He conducts home parties and séances as a form of spiritual healing that is both practical and fun.

Week Eight Preview