• April 26, 2018
  • 513 Canton Road
  • Livermore, ME 04253


A reading can be made by phone appointment, Online, or in person.  Having been psychic and taught the nuances of psychic mediumship from a very young age it is still a blessing to be able to communicate with loved ones who have passed.  I enjoying sharing that joy with you.  

$50 for half hour $100 for an hour

Becky dedicates her time helping those in their awakening process.  She hosts several Psychic/Healing fairs throughout the year to promote community and Spiritual connection.  

In 1996 she received her Reiki Master/Teacher attunement and discovered new avenues in which to help others.  She practices other transformative healing modalities, such as Hypnotherapy, Intention Tuners, Cellular Memory Removal, and IET.  

Becky travels Internationally utilizing her inner guidance to activate her student’s innate healing and Spiritual capabilities.

With over 30 years experience communicating with Spirit, she still considers herself a student of life and is always searching new avenues with which to explore and learn.  

Becky is a gifted inspirational speaker and feels that uplifting presentations are a way of creating positive energy and experiences.  

Given her penchant for always being busy she assists where she can in promoting Spiritualism.  She currently owns and operates Soul Intentions, volunteers on committees at Camp Etna, is a board member of MSSAC, is the Secretary for the International BFSC and is a former President and Program Director of Temple Heights Spiritual Camp.