Photo Tour: Lighthouse Sunset Journey at Pemaquid Point

Travel adventure and photography education combine as you explore one of the most spectacular settings on the Maine coast. Drive down a picturesque, coastal peninsula to the historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, which sits on the rocky, wave worn ledges of Muscungus Bay with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. With "Lessons on Location" you will gain better control of camera operations and expand your vision. This is an afternoon and evening excursion. Any skill level, any digital camera, individuals, families, and groups are welcome. 

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was chosen to represent Maine in the U.S. mint state quarter collection in 2003. The light is a fully functional, Coast Guard operated, navigation aid that flashes a single white flash every 6 seconds. The beacon that shines from this tower can be seen 14 nautical miles out to sea.

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Photo Tour: Lighthouse Sunset Journey at Pemaquid Point
  • 10/17/2020
  • Pemaquid Point, Bristol Pennisula
  • Adults – $135, Ages 11-18 – $95, Ages 10 or under – free but most cover entrance fees.