Maine Bean Suppah

Learn about the origins of this classic Maine feast and enjoy a communal meal

Duration: 1.5 Hours


  • Adult: $49
  • Adult w/ Group Discount: $44 (Group discounts are available for parties of 9+ people)


The Maine bean suppah: a tradition dating back centuries, bringing families, communities and church groups together for a communal dinner featuring the little legume we call beans. The roots of this meal pre-date Maine itself. Indigenous peoples - and later colonizers - used beans, grains and vegetables grown and harvested seasonally to make communal meals. Today in Maine, it’s a classic Saturday night cuisine and social event.

Join Michael LaCharite as he creates an entire traditional bean supper with all the fixins’ from Maine ingredients. He will demonstrate how to make Boston Baked Beans using a ceramic bean pot, and a simple boiled white bean seasoned to perfection. He will also be making a corn casserole using flint corn, coleslaw with two different types of dressings, and a hearty steamed brown bread made from locally grown and milled wheat, rye and corn and some maple syrup, all from scratch…and don’t forget the steamed Franks!

Once the meal is prepared, sit down to enjoy this feast together in our communal setting - complete with local beer pairings.

All attendees will leave with a copy of the recipes prepared and a product list, so you can recreate this meal in your own kitchen!

About Michael LaCharite:

Michael is a native Mainer whose grandparent immigrated to Maine from Quebec in search of a better life. Home cooked food was a way of life and Michael learned early in life how to cook. As a fourth generation homebrewer, he took his hobby to a new level and opened his first brewery in 1994 and has created several of Maine’s most iconic beers throughout his career. “Brewing and cooking are similar in their creative processes” says Michael. He’s authored a cookbook titled You Are What You Eat and has been a personal chef on and off for many years. He now focuses his skills on a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, creating compassionate food that is both nutritious and delicious.

Maine Bean Suppah
  • October 8, 2022
  • Maine Tasting Center
  • $49/per person; group discounts are available