Fly Fishing - Green Drake Hatch in Baxter State Park, Maine

The Green Drake Hatch is the climax of summer brook trout fishing in Maine. The Green Drake May Fly (hexagenia), hatches in the early evening just before dusk. We fish from canoes and launch our boats around 5:30 p.m. giving us four hours to fish this magical hatch. We may employ sinking line with emerger patterns for the first couple of hours, then switch over to floating line with dry patterns when things begin to boil! A liberal creel limit allows for anglers to enjoy these fish as fine table fare, if they wish to.

Pick-up to drop-off, all inclusive, our vacation package requires a 3 person minimum with a capacity of up to 5 guests. This includes 3 meals a day, beginning with noon time lunch on day one and ending with lunch on the final day. Rustic log cabin accommodations at Kidney Pond Campground in Baxter State Park will be home for our party for the duration of your stay.

Guided nightly fishing excursions with outfitted canoes, paddles and PFDs. Rods and reels provided upon request, flies supplied. Daytime activities are low key, but additional daytime outings can be organized upon request to fish streams and rivers, day hike or view wildlife.

4 Day Package -
Party of 3: $3,675 / 3 =$1,225 per person,
Party of 5: $4,995 / 5 = $999 per person

Non-Resident Licenses:
3 day: $23, AND 7 day: $43

Fly Fishing - Green Drake Hatch in Baxter State Park, Maine
  • July 2, 2019 - July 2, 2019
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