Energetic Tweeking Workshop

with Joanfrances Boyle


Joanfrances has become quite famous for her “Energetic Tweaking” and you will not be disappointed with this Soul Journey experience. This Soul Journey is to let you reconnect consciously with the light of your soul. When we walk within the light of our Soul we are truly blessed. Life becomes joyful and we can begin to express the love that has eternally guided us.

This is one of the reasons why Guided Visual Meditation is a vital practice for our health and well-being. It allows the two main systems of the Human functions, Physiology and Neurology to relax, whilst the Soul Signature re-establishes a stronger connection with the Human Ego, which in turn creates Symmetrical Thinking. This Symmetrical thinking spontaneously creates a deeper understanding of the Souls needs to be fulfilled and a more open approach to life in general. The power of this Guided Visual Meditation and all that it will reveal to you is unique to your Intuitive footprint upon this Earthly Journey.

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Joan Frances Boyle, Hamilton, Scotland

International Psychic, Medium Joan Frances Boyle, is a warm hearted down to earth happy medium. She has been Mediumistic since childhood and has experienced over 28 years of Public Demonstration, Teaching and Speaking Platform Engagements. She has been featured in many Leading Magazines, Newspapers and has appeared on Live Television and been interviewed on live Radio due to her Mediumship and Psychic Talents. She is also the Channel for the Dynamic Dimensional Living, Past Life Energetic Therapy Systems and is qualified as an Clinical Hypnotherapist, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Indian Head Massage Therapist, Tarot Consultant and an Executive Firewalking Instructor, Glasswalking, Arrow Breaking, Board and Brick breaking, for the empowerment of Spiritual Development.

Energetic Tweeking Workshop