Special Pricing

Special pricing on some of our most favorite maple products on all days of our Maine Maple Weekends. All special pricing will be honor all days of our extended Maine Maple Weekends at the sugarhouse. Gallons- $52 each or $48 each (4 pack) Half Gallons- $28 each or $24 each (6 pack) Quarts- $15 each or $13.25 each (12 pack) Pints- $8 each or $7.42 each (12 pack) Maple Whoopie Pies- $25 case (12 pack) Maple Fudge- $5 (1/4lb each/2 pack) All of our award winning maple syrup is produced on a wood fired evaporator! All grades available in many sizes. Over styles of glass bottles too. Online prices vary- Free Shipping with online orders over $50 in 48 US. Please use discount code- "bestofmaine."
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